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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea



 Seaton Street, Basseterre 

 EST. 1787

Weekly Schedule


9:00 am - Morning Worship Service

9:00 am - Church School

6:30 pm - Evening Worship Service


6:00 am - Prayer Fellowship

5:00 pm - Women's League

5:00pm - Sunbeam Choir

5:15pm - Vision & Voices (2nd & 4th)


7:15 pm - Bible Study


5:00 pm - Boys' & Girls' Brigade

6:30 pm - Senior Choir Rehearsal


7:30 pm - Youth Fellowship

The Wesley (Basseterre) Society was established in 1787. Before the end of 1787, Rev. William Hammett bought land on which the Wesley Chapel currently stands at a cost of 600 pounds. The said lands were conveyed to William Brazier et al, “in trust for Methodist uses”. The chapel was consecrated in 1825 and is the oldest public building in Basseterre. With no contribution from the State, tribute must be made to members, who by their diligent work and sacrificial giving contributed to the building of this massive structure. Damaged by hurricanes in 1928 and 1998, the chapel underwent extensive renovations both times and were re-opened and rededicated on 12th December, 1929 and 18th August, 2002 respectively. It is the largest Congregation in the St. Kitts Circuit.

To date, Wesley has produced two (2) ministers: Rev’d. Morna S. Christmas-Frazer & Rev’d. Mark S. Christmas.

Presbyter in Pastoral Charge – Rev’d Mark S Christmas

Contact Steward - Bro. G. Arthurlyn Belle

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