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Composition of Circuit Men's Commission - St. Kitts Circuit

All male confirmed members of the MCCA in good standing are full members of MCCA Men. Men who are members of other churches, but who are in sympathy with the mission and objectives of MCCA Men, may be admitted as associate members by the relevant District Commission. Men who are not members of any church, but who are in mission and objectives of MCCA Men, may be admitted as adherents by the relevant District  Commission. Associate members and adherents of MCCA Men are entitled to membership of their branch, and may be co-opted on special committees and attend the Assembly, but only full members may hold office at any level or be voting delegates to the Assembly.


To provide inspiration, leadership and opportunities for Methodist men in the Caribbean and the Americas to fulfill the ministry to which they are called in their homes, churches and communities. MCCA Men shall promote its work as part of the whole mission of the MCCA, and in conformity with the provisions of the constitution of the MCCA. It shall develop and offer resources and empower men at district, circuit and congregational levels to engage in a dynamic, vibrant and meaningful Christian ministry.

  • To provide avenues for the constituent groups and their members to be nurtured in their spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual growth, consistent with the Standing Orders of the MCCA.

  • To build and sustain effective men's ministries in Congregations, Circuits, Districts and the Connexion by enabling men to understand their identity in Christ, thereby cultivating a real commitment to Christian discipleship.

  • To develop effective leadership skills which men can use to fulfill their ministries wherever they are.

  • To identify and develop the gifts and talents of the males in our churches and communities, so that they can participate in activities that meet the mission needs and social challenges within their own environments.

  • To promote wholesome growth and transformed lives among males through our Church's Christ-centered programmes.

  • To promote and facilitate collaboration among member Districts towards the general welfare and continued development of the Church within the Connexion.


Executive for year 2019-2021
  • President: Bro. Anthony Jeffers

  • Vice President: Bro. Valon Francis

  • Secretary: Bro. Sydney Matthew

  • Treasurer: Bro. Joseph Wyatt

  • Public Relations Officer: Bro. William V. Hodge

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