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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea



 Tabernacle Village 

 EST. circa 1800s 

Weekly Schedule


9:00 am - Worship Service


7:00 pm - Bible Study

The temporary place of worship was established at a place known as “George Piece” which was referred to as the “Tabernacle”. The community became so known. Tabernacle was once an out-station of Dieppe Bay. A stone chapel was erected in 1838 which replaced “a building of thatch and wattling.” The name, “Mission Street” will be a perpetual memorial to the life and witness of Methodist missionaries and Methodists generally in that part of the Circuit.

Bishop Charles A. Seaton, the sitting President of the Leeward Islands District, is a son of this Congregation.

Presbyter in Pastoral Charge – Rev’d Andrine J. Joseph

Contact Steward - Sis. Icilma Springer

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