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 Cardin Ave., St. Johnson Village, Basseterre 

 EST. 1939 

Weekly Schedule


9:00 am - Morning Worship Service

11:00 am - Church School

6:30 pm - Evening Worship Service


7:00 pm - Bible Study


6:00 am - Prayer Meeting

5:00 pm Women's League


7:00 pm - Choir Rehearsal


7:00 pm - Men's Fellowship

To cater to the spiritual and social needs of the expanding Basseterre community, the Methodist Church acquired land, along what was later to be named Cardin Avenue, for the purpose of building a church. The St Johnston Methodist Church was dedicated on Thursday, 2nd November, 1939. It was designed and built by Rev. William Sunter, the longest serving minister in the history of the Circuit, 1910-1948.  Over the years the building has undergone various structural and other changes.


However, the purpose of the land was not only to build a church, but to take the initiative of building a school as well. The School, named, “The St. Johnston Village School”, was made available to the Government at a modest rent and is the forerunner of the now “Dr. William Connor Primary School”. The St Johnston Preparatory School, a Pre School owned and operated by one of the members, has occupied the building for the past forty (40) years.


To date, the congregation has produced two ministers – Rev’d. Althea Jacobs, of blessed memory (Deaconess), and Rev. Stacia M. Williams-Christmas (Deacon).

Presbyter in Pastoral Charge – Rev’d Mark S Christmas

Contact Steward - Sis. Venelma Hanley

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