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Pastoral Letter - 7th March 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we continue to journey through this season of Lent, we journey with the idea of “Keeping A True Lent”. How do we view and deal with sins? The accumulated effects of sins of past lives, is a burden that those who accept it expect to carry for ages, or until they work out of it. Our sins are weary treadmill travelers from birth to death. However, there is no such hopeless note in the doctrine of Jesus. Jesus’ life and example puts us in a place where we can be assured that he came to bring a full consciousness of abundant life, complete forgiveness, redemption from all sin and victory over death and the grave.

The law of truth, and the Truth is that all is good. There is no power and no reality in sin. Goodness and Truth is real and enduring, and if sin is enduring then it will have its permanency in our lives, it could not be forgiven and it will hold us as its victims forever. However, understanding the real and the unreal, a great light must dawn upon us. We must renounce sin and do good. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 9: 6, “The Son of man hath authority on earth to forgive sins.” This means that the Son of man that is in me can discern the difference between Truth and error. As I get this understanding, I am in position to free my soul from sin and my body from disease, which is the effect of sin. In spiritual understanding the “I AM” of humankind forgives or gives Truth for error; the mind is set in order and the body healed. We step into the harmony with the Truth of Being and God’s laws wipe away all our transgressions and God’s Spirit dwells in us making us free. I encourage you my brothers and sisters, release your sins Christ Jesus and Christ will forgive you.

Have a Christ forgiving week.

Rev. Stacia

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