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Pastoral Letter - 4th October 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

The various celebrations in October include, Ministries Month celebrated by the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA), Financial Literacy Month by St Kitts -Nevis, International day of Older Persons by the U.N. and Cancer Awareness Month.

Today I wish to focus mainly on Ministries Month. What is Ministries Month? This was once known as “Candidates Month”. During that time the focus was mainly to get persons to become informed about, interested and involved in the ordained ministry. Now it is celebrated as ‘Ministries Month” with a much wider focus involving other ministries within the church.

The following quotation from the Holland Methodist website gives a clear understand about Ministry Month as it is now being celebrated,

“ October is Ministries Month, it underscores, as well as celebrates the fact that all believers, the people of God, (laos) by their baptism, have a place of service in the life of the Church and beyond, and are part of the general ministry of the Church.

The Priesthood of All Believers – The General Ministry of the Church The Methodist Church affirms its belief in the “Priesthood of all Believers.” In the church, every single believer has the same relationship with God in as much as each exercise a different function. Hence, ministry is the stewardship of the whole church.The faithful church is the ministering church where every single Christian is a participant in the work of ministry.”

Have you ever thought of becoming actively involved in the ordained ministry of the Methodist Church? There is a place for you. God may have been calling you for a long time. Will you answer now? It is not too late. Perhaps you can have a talk with your minister about how you can answer God’s call to ministry. There are various areas of ministry among adults , youths and children in which God can use you. You can become involved in or even initiate a ministry in music and singing, become a choir member, an usher, a Sunday school teacher, visiting the sick and shut-in, soup kitchen ministry etc.

Reflect on Jeremiah 1:1-10, as you wrestle with your call. Be assured that the God who is calling you will surely equip you for the task of ministry at whatever level. Why not answer him today?

Love and best wishes to your wonderful family, from my family and myself.

Yours in Christ

Tyrone Hunkins

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