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Pastoral Letter - 30th May 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The Peace of the Triune God be with you!

We end our observances for the “Month of Methodism”. Unfortunately, not all events came to fruition for varying reasons.

Our observances for today take us to our spiritual roots in the Festival of the Holy Trinity or what is commonly called “Trinity Sunday”. While the doctrine of the Trinity is not “straight forward”, and can be quite controversial, it is to point out that the doctrine came about as a result of the lived experience of the people of God over millennia of the God who revealed Godself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The benediction recorded in 2 Corinthians 13 verse 13 bears this out. “Trinity is, in a real sense, our word for what we know to be true but can’t full explain” (Christian Believer Study Manual, 189).

Our observances also take us to our denominational roots as the Connexional Conference, which is the governing body, meets in May every three years (note the Trinitarian influence?). Representative of eight (8) districts, based in thirty (30) countries, using some five (5) major languages, this year the Connexional Conference convenes virtually in its fortieth (40th) session hosted by the Leeward Islands District. Interestingly, the Connexional President, the Rev’d Everald Galbraith, in his remarks at the impressive Flag Raising ceremony on Wednesday, 26 May used a Trinitarian influenced term to describe the Connexion, “one in eight and eight in one”. I trust we have taken advantage of the opportunities to share this “oneness” with our brothers and sisters across the Connexion, and beyond, in the various “public events” so far, via You Tube and Zoom. The Conference concludes on Tuesday, 1 June with the induction of the new Connexional Vice President, Brother Dr. Hubert Morquette of the Haiti District. We pray that the loving communion of the Trinity will direct the affairs of the Conference, and indeed our lives.

Every blessing,

Your pastor and friend,

Mark S Christmas

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