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Pastoral Letter - 25th September, 2022

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The Peace of the Lord be with you!

Our Independence Day celebrations are fast coming to an end undergirded by the theme, “Refocus, Re-Create, Redesign: Independence 39”. I trust we have found the celebrations meaningful so far. Where they were not that we reflect on how to make them better.

Reflecting on the theme through the eyes of Paul, we note today ends Paul’s first letter to young Pastor Timothy. Here, Pastor Timothy is to recognize that among his members are both rich and poor, but he is encouraged to instruct the “rich” how to live out their faith in society. However, lest we think that the passage only speaks to “them” and not me, refocusing would suggest otherwise. Paul challenges Timothy, as he challenges us, that true riches lie in our character. Hence, he challenges us that instead of pursuing wealth, we ought to refocus our attention on pursuing “righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness” (v 11).

As we today observe Connexional Christian Education Lord’s Day, we note that Christian Education helps us to focus on what it means to live out our lives in the “rough and tumble” of Church life and the wider society. How do we do that? By pursuing the characteristics afore mentioned that are gifted to each believer. God in Christ expects us to live lives, whether we are poor or non-poor, that are generous toward Him and toward others. This makes for a ‘re-created’ and ‘redesigned’ society for the common good and to the glory of God.

Live a “rich” life in Jesus!

Your pastor and friend

Mark S. Christmas

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