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Pastoral Letter - 21st March 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“It is good to be alive.” Did you get to reflect on your life in the past week? As we continue through "Keeping a True Lent", today we focus on Conservation. Do we really leave our youth physically, emotionally and spiritually? We should ever remember that our youth, which we love so well, never really dies; it merely falls asleep in the realm of the subconscious. People grow old because they let the youth idea fall asleep. You may ask, "What do you mean?" My grandmother, “Tanty”, used to say, "Once a man, twice a child." Our physical body might age, but should our spiritual being age as well? By using spiritual understanding, our youth can be awakened again.

The awakening of youthful energies is necessary for regeneration. Jesus represents humankind in the regeneration; that is humankind in the process of restoring his or her body to its pristine purity where it will live on perpetually without old age, disease, or death. A necessary step in this process of body restoration is the quickening of the vitalizing energies in the subconsciousness that feed the body and give it the life force that renews its youth. Eternal youth is one of the God-given ideas that humankind loves.

Our being has to move through a source of conservation. It calls for our mind to be conscious of the world that we are living in, a world of sin and death, and seek to show the Jesus who makes our wastes into an eternal realm. Our spiritual conservation then says that our conserved life, is hidden with Christ in God. All of us should make our conscious union with the substance of all spiritual attributes saying that we affirm "Through Christ the divine economy is active in me, and I conserve the spiritual essences in all place of my life." May God conserve our lives that we may forever worship and serve him.

Have a conserved week.


Rev. Stacia

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