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Pastoral Letter - 19th September, 2021

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The Peace of the Lord be with you!

I join with the “citizens, residents and strangers within the gates” of the Federation of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis in celebrating the 38th Anniversary of Independence under the theme, “Adapt, Diversify, Recreate, Independence 38”. Congratulations to the author of this year’s theme, Mr. Emani Samuel, a 3rd Form student of the Verchilds High School.

I would not seek to dissect the theme here, but simply choose to let our Scripture passages for today shed some light on the timeliness of the theme. Our readings continue to point us in the direction of living wisely starting with the need to ‘acknowledge God in all one’s ways’. Life is not straightforward, in fact, life meanders. Hence, the theme rightly calls us, and it would be wise, to keep adapting, diversifying, and re-creating. However, James cautions us that it is in the practical outworking of wisdom that one can determine the source of one’s wisdom. Does the “wisdom” that governs our adaptation, diversification and re-creation bring peace or conflict? Can ‘our works of wisdom praise us in the city gates?’ I pray so.

As a Circuit, we celebrate the 68th Anniversary of the opening of the Epworth/Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School on 21 September. We thank God for the many stakeholders who continue to ensure the operations of the School as we engage in the task of shaping young lives for service to God and others. Now is the time to pause to see whether we have been wise in our management of the resources that God has given to us, adapting, diversifying, and re-creating. We pray for forgiveness where we have been foolish?

Have a wise week in Jesus!

Your pastor and friend,

Mark S Christmas

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