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Pastoral Letter - 17th April, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Resurrection Lord’s Day is here. Hip, Hip, Hurray! Halleluia! The trials are over, the triumphs have begun, and we reflect deeply making new commitments on our lives and our service. As we celebrate, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ should always serve as a reminder to every Christian that sacrifice is valuable, and there is life after death. The Crucifixion was a sad moment, but the Resurrection brought rejoicing. Should we remain in our sad moments at this time of year, or do we grasp the joyous moments, rejoicing in the Risen Christ? We choose the latter. It is a lovely day, and as believers we should always remember that nothing surpasses the sacrifice that Jesus made. Grab the moment, be thankful, serve with humility and love God and others.

Persons have tried to rid the idea of this Easter moment. They try to erase the historical sense of the Resurrection, they try to rid the idea of Jesus through arguments of colour and race, and they try. Nonetheless, this story of Jesus that we love to hear cannot be erased from the church in which we belong because the church is built on the faith belief of His sacrifice and the love of God. We emphasize this belief in our Nicene Creed. Jesus died for me and you and is risen. Halleluia! We have victory in Jesus. Linda Rock wrote in her poem, “Your Victory is Won’

There is victory in the air,

There is victory everywhere,

Christ has conquered all is well,

The world’s lost its holding spell;

Jesus is the reigning King,

A blessed Resurrection Lord’s Day to you and a joyous Easter.

From my family to yours,

Rev. Stacia

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