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Pastoral Letter - 14th March 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I greet you in the wonderful name of our forgiving Lord, Jesus Christ. What is life, that we are mindful of it? The late, Mother Teresa of Calcutta once penned in her Hymn of Life,

"Life is the only chance, take it seriously! Life is beauty, admire it! Life is happiness, taste it! Life is a dream, make it reality! Life is a challenge, accept it! Life is a duty, accomplish it! Life is a game, play it! Life is property, make use of it! Life is affection, convey it! Life is a secret, solve it! Life is a promise, accomplish it! Life is sadness, overcome it! Life is a song, sing it! Life is a fight, fight it! Life is an adventure, undertake it! Life is a reward, deserve it! Life is just, live it!"

As we continue "Keeping A True Lent," life is a phase of Being and the consciousness of eternal life places one in the stream of life that never fails.

The whole human race needs a spiritual quickening of the life principle and this begins in the Divine Mind. Always remember that life is the gift of God and Jesus is the flame of life everlasting. Jesus' example by mastering the carnal opened the way for all people, which includes you and me, to attain eternal life. Our higher realization of Truth calls us to always cling to this abiding flame that is working in and through us. We are to connect mentally with Christ and allow the mind of Christ to move us in such a way that the sacrifice and resurrection generate and transform our bodies. We are to come to the spiritualization that Christ's flame of life is the quickening fire in us. The reality is, it begins by the acceptance of God's love through His Son which leads us to eternal life.

I encourage you brothers and sisters, let your life be a life in Christ Jesus. Have the mind of Christ, think and walk like Jesus as you journey through Life. Please say with me, (reader say it twice for affirmation)

" I have the mind of Christ. My words are spiritually quickened and they are alive forevermore. I am filled with the vitality and vigor and health of Jesus Christ."

Have a blessed, life-giving week.

Rev. Stacia

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