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Pastoral Letter - 10th January 2021

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


Every year, as the Church observes the baptism of our Lord around this time, we are challenged to remember the vows we made at our own (if were adults when we were baptized) or on the behalf of those who could not answer for themselves (infants). As the “People called Methodist”, the opportunity is ours to renew our vows every year at the Covenant Services. However, remembering presents us with the challenge to live out our vows before God and the congregation, lest by self-deceit, we “dis-member” ourselves. As we avail ourselves to the services of Christ, I trust that our lives would be transformed by the refining fire of the Holy Spirit into lives with which God in Christ will be well pleased, as symbolized by the waters of baptism, and evidenced in our lifestyles.

Tomorrow, God willing, the Leeward Islands District begins its 215 th Annual Session. Occasioned by the spread of the global pandemic, this time, it would be virtual. Different, yes…but excitingly so. The theme that will guide our deliberations is, “Trusting God Through Difficult Times: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities.” During the Conference, among other things, we will seek to prayerfully elect a District President and to also send forward a nominee for Connexional Presidency, both being posts that are due for election this year. We will wrestle with the impact of Covid-19 throughout the District and the Church’s ministries in the “new normal”, its relevancy and sustainability. We also hope to accept into “full connexion” those duly processed, and “process” probationers with a view to advance them one year in their studies. Ordinations have been postponed until convenient to do so.

As the “baptized”, your prayerful support is being asked for the Officers and Members of this District and for the other seven Districts as they convene in their respective Sessions/Conferences and for the wider membership of Christ’s Church.

Have a blessed week!

Your pastor and friend,

Mark S. Christmas

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