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Pastoral Letter - 10th April, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Wow! Palm or Passion Sunday is here already, and Holy Week is upon us. What reflective moments we have been having throughout this Lent Season. The trials and tribulations that have beset us have given us a glimmer of God’s glory shining in our darkest hours. We are hopeful that whatsoever may cross our paths, once we stay close to the one who loved us first, who is God our Creator, there is always hope at the end of every storm. Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday is a time when we travel with Jesus, taking his Jerusalem entry on a colt of an ass, towards his destiny to the cross. This is time when all Christians everywhere see vividly that sacrifice and view this entry as a conviction of our faith belief that it was just for us.

On the contrary, we reflect that we are like the people who carpeted the road and waved our branches, singing ‘Hosanna!’ but we understand so little of this king. We are tempted to put our trust in powerful Warrior-Messiahs of our day and find it hard to believe that the way of life passes through death. We prefer protection to vulnerability, control over our destiny rather than faith in God, who brings us life even in the midst of death. How grateful we are when we think of God’s love for us that He sent His Only Begotten Son. I pray that today, Palm Sunday, will be a blessing to you, and I encourage you to join the many believers around the world by attending Holy Week Services this week. We continue the road to Calvary. Mrs. Linda Rock wrote,

O Road to Calvary O Road to Calvary, What Holy Destiny, Mark of Supremacy, A sign of victory, Guaranteed Eternity. O Road to Calvary, The vile sinner’s mercy, What blessed Charity Given unselfishly, Guaranteed Eternity. O Road to Calvary, No Popularity, Fraught with all cruelty, Suffering and injury, Guaranteed Eternity. O Road to Calvary, Blessed one way journey, In unaltered duty, Unshared humanity, Guaranteed eternity. O Road to Calvary, My present Victory, In perfect unity, You live in me daily, Through Guaranteed Eternity.


Rev. Stacia

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