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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea



 George Street, Newtown, Basseterre 

 EST. 1879 

Weekly Schedule


7:00 am - Worship Service

7:00 am - Church School



7:00 pm - Choir Rehearsal



7:00 pm - Bible Study

In gratitude to God, Mr. Daniel Ross, a merchant, built a wooden chapel in 1879 and handed it over to the Methodist Church. The major condition to the gift was that the Chapel be named in honour of his son, Hope, hence the name, “Hope Chapel”. For more than one hundred (100) years, Hope Chapel remained annexed to Wesley with a once-a-month Sunday Service and weekly prayer meetings. Eventually, the wooden structure had to be replaced as it was deemed to be a hazard and beyond repair.  Reconstruction work started on 1st April, 1985. On 1st September, 1985 the new Chapel, a two storey concrete structure, was rededicated by Rev’d. Joseph Lloyd, Chairman of the Leeward Islands District.

To date, Hope Chapel has produced one minister: Rev’d. Helen P. Mallalieu-Maurose (Deacon).

Presbyter in Pastoral Charge – Rev’d Mark S Christmas

Contact Steward - Sis. Sheila Douglas

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