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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea



 Main Road, Cayon 

 EST. circa 1800s 

Weekly Schedule


10:30 am - Church School

11:00 am - Worship


7:00 pm - Bible Study


4:30 pm - Youth Fellowship

A wooden chapel was erected in the village in the early 1800’s. By the 1820’s, the chapel size was inadequate and required repairs. To acquire land to enlarge the chapel an interesting agreement was entered into in 1826 with Quaco - “a-negro of Hermitage Estate” who occupied the land.  The chapel remained on this site “for well-nigh 200 years” and was last renovated and dedicated in May 1979. Both the building and the land could not accommodate further expansion and an alternative plot of land was sought from the Government.


Work on the new chapel on lands donated by the Government on the Island Main Road started during the Superintendency of Rev. Harold Gill, now of blessed memory. Dedication of this new sanctuary took place on 24th April, 1995.


Presbyter in Pastoral Charge – Rev’d Andrine J. Joseph

Contact Steward - Sis. Gracia DaCosta

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