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Pastoral Letter - 26th June 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our soon coming King!

Annually, this Sunday, the fourth Sunday in June is being celebrated as Women’s Lord’s Day. Let me begin by wishing Happy Women’s Lord’s Day to all women.

As you celebrate this your special day, I encourage each of you, to take some time out, personally, to consider who you are in the eyes of God and the purpose for which he has created. After doing so I encourage you to recommit yourself to God and to take a new thrust forward in an effort to fulfill your God-given purpose. In this way, you would be sure that you are not merely existing in this world but that you are living a life that is pleasing to the God who created you and who have assigned a part of his mission for you to fulfill. This is not necessarily easy to do but I am sure you would agree that “it would be worth it all when we see Jesus.

The fulfillment of your mission as a woman in your family, your church, your community, your country and the world is a personal responsibility that you must fulfill. This you should take seriously, regardless of how difficult, challenging and lonely it may feel at times. Remember, nothing good comes easy, therefore, you must be careful not to always seek for the easiest way out. Follow God’s direction at all times even when you cannot figure out where God is leading you. Trust God to be successful in living according to God’s will for your life. It is crucially important! If you have no idea of who you really are and the purpose for which God has created you, then it does not matter which or how many groups and organizations you may join, all that you do will go in vain in the end, if it is not in obedience to God’s commands and in accordance with his plan for your life.

In conclusion, therefore I encourage you to go forward with faith and purpose. Take your place in your group or organization that God has assigned to you. Offer yourself for training in areas you feel God has called you to serve. Improve the way you do the work of God. Live according to the example of Jesus Christ and the standard he has set.

Understand that there are great women in the Bible from that can inspire you to accomplish God’s purpose in your life. In the Old Testament there are outstanding women like Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel. Also Miriam, Moses’ sister (Exodus 2:1-9; 15:21; Numbers 12). The great leader, Deborah (Judges 4 & 5)and Ruth (read the book of Ruth) and Esther (Read Book of Esther). In the New Testament there are, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist Forerunner of Jesus, Mary, the mother of John Mark at whose house the disciples met in Jerusalem (Acts 12:12), Lydia a successful business woman at Philippi(Acts 16:13-15), the deaconess Phoebe and many others.

Therefore, commit yourself to celebrate your special day with hope and confidence that God will use you to make a difference in his kingdom. Once again, Happy Women’s Lord’s Day.

Love and best wishes to your family, from my wife Jean and our daughters, Jerone and Jacinth and myself.

Yours in Christ

Tyrone Hunkins

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