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Pastoral Letter - 21st February 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

As I indicated on in my first letter this month, one of the things I would address is the Celebration of Black history Month which is celebrated during the month of February.

What is it? Black History month is an annual observance which originated in the United States of America. This celebration is also known as ‘African-American History Month. The precursor to Black History Month originated in 1926.

How recognized is it? It has received recognition from governments in the United States , Canada and more recently it has been celebrated by the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It is also observed within the Caribbean and forms part of our Church Services even within the Methodist and other Churches. It is being celebrated this year from 1st February -1st March 2021.

How is it celebrated? During this month accomplishments of African-Americans are highlighted. An African- American is essentially a descendant of enslaved black people who are from the United States, but the term has in recent times included recent black immigrants or their children. This includes persons like President Barrack Obama and Shirley Chisolm.

Included in those who are honoured during Black History Month are George Washington Carver, who produced nearly 300 products from peanuts, Rosa Parks who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and galvanized the rights movement and one of our own Nevisian Born Alexander Hamilton who became an American statesman, politician, military commander, lawyer banker and economist. His portrait is found on the United States ten dollar bill.

In order to make this celebration more meaningful to us as a Caribbean people persons research the accomplishments of some of our own black person within the Caribbean and make presentations on them to create a greater awareness among our own people, of what has already been accomplished. However, this can also serve as an inspiration to our people to accomplish even greater things . This will help persons to live more meaningful lives and to aspire to do great things in their lives. It is my prayer that these presentations will truly help us not just to become more informed but to become more ambitious for not only great things in the way of science, economics, industry and politics but in the realm of spirituality. I pray that the more we become aware of the accomplishments of great men and women, the more we would grow in reverence and obedience to God our creator. Remember, in John 15: 5 Jesus said “,.. apart from me you can do nothing.” To God be the glory for the great things he has done through us.

Love and best wishes to your wonderful family, from my family and myself.

Yours in Christ

Tyrone Hunkins

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