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Pastoral Letter - 17th January 2021

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


We are moving with hope through the season of Epiphany (season of light) towards Ash Wednesday which begins the season of Lent (the season of life). Integral to following the “Light of the World” is a call that moves us from where we are or were. This call of God in Christ is the process of creation. Having passed through the waters of baptism Jesus begins to call persons to “come and see” his vision of the kingdom of God. However, it is not only the creation of a person but, more importantly, a creation of a people, the “people (laos/laity) of God”. In so doing, Jesus begins the process of a new creation, a

creation that, in the end, he could present ‘holy and blameless’ before God.

The virtually held 215th Annual Session Leeward Islands District has now ended. The learning curve for many was steep but welcomed. The details of Conference will be shared in the Pastoral Letter to the Congregations over the next few weeks. We are reminded of the theme that guided our deliberations and will guide us through this triennium, “Trusting God Through Difficult Times: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities.” We look forward to the implementation of the decisions made at every

level of the MCCA as we allow the Holy Spirit to re-create us anew.

As the “called out”, we follow the Light of the World” through all the “changing scenes of life” times and allow the light of God’s Word to enable us to become the lights in the world in which we live.

Have a blessed week!

Your pastor and friend,

Mark S. Christmas

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